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Virginia Transportation Corporation is a full-service automobile carrier and network logistics service provider. Since 1994, a forward-thinking and personalized approach to auto-hauling has exceeded the expectations of our customers and the industry at large. We attribute this mostly to our highly-qualified, professional, courteous and efficient auto-haulers and office-support teams. We can also boast one of the best-kept and safest fleets in the industry.

We work every day with the following business types and everything in between:

  • ​Auto manufacturers
  • Fleet remarketers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Vehicle auction houses



We approach the needs of each of our customers differently and this includes personalized consideration for, and a combination of the following:

We have a long-term relationship with the following:

  • Glovis
  • Manheim & Adesa



  • You can rely on us… When we commit to a deadline, we are serious about making it happen.
  • Knowing our customers’ needs “inside and out”.
  • Service with a smile.
  • Taking the honest approach.


From the driver operating the equipment to the maintenance department servicing the equipment, we make it our business to know our equipment and how it functions to continually improve and maintain service quality.

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Our dispatch team has impressive experience in logistics planning and load makeup for both long and short-hauls.

We have service offices throughout the US and parts of Canada, enabling us to provide exceptional, dedicated service in a timely manner.

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Equipment maintenance helps our fleet look pretty, but this is never where it ends – Safety always takes precedence! Our dedicated staff is always watching out for the safety of auto-haulers and their surroundings.

We stay abreast of industry safety standards and the latest training necessary to keep our team on the leading edge.

Our attention to service quality includes constant observation and analysis of service performance. As a result, we are able to anticipate and enforce preventative measures to ensure safety remains top priority.

We have real-time communication with every auto-hauler to implement safe and quality changes on the road.